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We collaborate with creators who are future-focused, impact-driven, and have their eye on the cutting edge of their craft.

REN SPEARS is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in oil painting, photography, and design. She is the current in-house artist at a live-action game studio in Berkeley while also acting as an  Artistic Director for several projects in her network.
GEOFF ANDERS is a philosopher and designer, specializing in the construction of research programs, creative environments, and aesthetics of the future. He is the founder of Leverage Research.
TAYLOR DANT is a musician, artist, and designer. He can be found locally improving the places around him in Louisville, Kentucky, where he manages a family business that has been making a positive impact on its community for over 30 years.


OLLI PAYNE founded OP Branding in 2020 as it became apparent to her that innovation in the space of branding could mold a better future. She has independently studied and worked in film and TV, entrepreneurship, philosophy, internet platforms & culture, advocacy, and content creation.
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